Website design mistakes

By committing some of the easy mistakes given below you can drive away positive prospects from your website forever. Always keep in mind that your meat could be another man’s poison and by unwittingly feeding too much of your fancy you could endanger the existence of your site.

Background music plays as soon as a customer lands on your home page can be a highly irritating act. There are many ways one can listen to music nowadays, but this one is not definitely on. If you have browsed the length and breadth of the internet, you might have come across such across sites and they even play music on every page. With so many portable gadgets available for listening to music we are sure people won’t like it and scare away from your website if you keep insisting.

Modern Mobile Web Layout

More that 77.5% people in the entire world are accessing the internet via their Smartphone and tablets, indicating the big shift from the desktop to the mobile pattern of the web world. Interestingly, the web design experts are also enjoying this shift as the concepts of the web world are rapidly getting adjusted as per…

Designing A Website

For starting any online business, building a website is a necessity. Sometimes, the new and small businesses do not have budgets that they can hire a professional and talented web designer. Moreover, it is not necessary that every designer has good computer skills. Here are a few tips for such business owners on how to…