1. GWETV is looking for qualified Fashion Designers to appear and present
    thier works in Harlem on September 12, 2010. Contact us for details. This
    is a major event!

  2. Les africaines sont naturellement nées avec l’élègance même ! Elles n’ont
    pas besoin d’apprendre à défiler comme les blanches (qui marchent avec un
    balai dans le cul) ! C’est ça l’Afrique tout en beauté ! Bizou de Noumea en
    Nouvelle Caledonie !

  3. u don’t have to say that u have nothing against black its makes people what
    kind .. so what if they are black it doeas not matter .. the fact is that
    they are human beings just like u

  4. This style of music is called Mbalax or Mbalakh. It’s from Senegal but I
    think it’s also popular in surrounding countries (heard some played at a
    Gambian party last year so I’m assuming). Artists such as Coumba Gawlo
    Seck, Abdou Guite, Titi and Viviane Ndour are great examples.

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