Designing A Website

For starting any online business, building a website is a necessity. Sometimes, the new and small businesses do not have budgets that they can hire a professional and talented web designer.

Moreover, it is not necessary that every designer has good computer skills. Here are a few tips for such business owners on how to start designing a website.

First, get a domain name. In any search engine, type the keywords “registration of the domain name”. You will get many links in the result. It will cost you not more than $15. You may not get the desired domain name, so you need to be less creative in selecting a domain name – whilst having the .com is nice, having a domain that says discount card Manchester is likely to have been taken. Include special characters or dashes so that it will not match with any existing domain name.


Next, select a web hosting company that is best suitable to you. Clearly mention how much bandwidth and space is necessary to host your website on the web. Do not get into a scam where you will get unlimited bandwidth at same price. These companies will give you nothing after taking all money. Now it is the time to design a website.

If you have very little knowledge of computer and mark-up languages then make use of free templates or web design softwares – or get a web designer in like the guys at City Card did. There are many online websites that provide you free templates to start your business. The only drawback of using these templates is that no unique identification of your business will be there.

A number of people may use the same templates. Web design softwares are also good to use for novices. You need to design a website graphically. These softwares will generate the code automatically.

Those owners, who have good computer skills, can design websites using their knowledge and talent. One should be creative to build an effective and attractive website. Always try to implement something unique and different from others.