Website design mistakes

By committing some of the easy mistakes given below you can drive away positive prospects from your website forever. Always keep in mind that your meat could be another man’s poison and by unwittingly feeding too much of your fancy you could endanger the existence of your site.

Background music plays as soon as a customer lands on your home page can be a highly irritating act. There are many ways one can listen to music nowadays, but this one is not definitely on. If you have browsed the length and breadth of the internet, you might have come across such across sites and they even play music on every page. With so many portable gadgets available for listening to music we are sure people won’t like it and scare away from your website if you keep insisting.

Another irritant and ‘not done’ thing is to force visitors to read large contents bundled into small windows that require numerous scrolling up and down – if people search for Things to see Manchester they just want the content, not heavy graphics. People don’t like invisible things; hence the small text forced into a small box cannot be the greatest visible attraction for them.

When people browse web pages they would require the use of right click to access various menus. For some reasons best known to them some web designers remove this facility and end up frustrating the visitors. This is a routine and the voluntary function that all websites provide and depriving it could hugely annoy visitors and make them leave the site in a huff.

Making every link in your page to open in a new window or tab could be another annoying mistake one could make. If your website contains too many pages, then this could become intolerable. So make sure that you don’t repeat any of the silly mistakes mentioned here if you want your site to be well liked by your visitors.